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The Right Move
Prague is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, vibrant arts scene, and vivid nightlife; Czechs are ready for new travel experiences. Both facts can help you achieve capacity and frequency increases rewarded by our attractive incentives. Seize the great business opportunities available in this heart of Europe.
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The Right Move
Last year witnessed a 29% surge in the number of handled passengers, with projections reaching 15.7 million this year. Work with us on unlocking exciting new business growth opportunities and building strong long-term partnerships.
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We’ve Got You
Our compelling volume-based incentive packages and route-based incentive schemes help facilitate exciting business deals backed by our exceptional marketing support. Our team is here to help you reach your full business potential and customer experience.
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Yes to Cargo
Our annual cargo capacity of 224 thousand tons ensures all shipments are handled with ease. We pride ourselves on having less operational congestion and our experienced workforce is always ready to assist you.
The Right Move The Right Move
The Right Move The Right Move
We’ve Got You We’ve Got You
Yes to Cargo Yes to Cargo
5.9 milion tourists
come to Prague
6 Incentive
Two volume-based
and four route-based
incentive packages
8.5 milion people
in the
attractive catchment

Land Your Business in Prague

Prague as business
World´s 7th Best Meeting Destination with over 600,000 delegates & 3,900 events in Prague
Extensive incentive scheme & greater support
Two volume-based and four route-based incentive packages with higher discounts on airport charges
Unserved destinations with promising market demand
Routes eligible for a full incentive support from long-haul destinations like Hanoi, Bangkok and Delhi to short-hauls such as Tallinn or Bergen
Joint initiative together with major tourism boards – CzechTourism and Prague City Tourism to support incoming tourism demand
Attractive catchment area
Strategic position in the centre of Europe with catchment area of 8.5 million people within 120 minutes
Right-size airport
The perfect size combining easy & smart operations with all passenger services in a walking distance
Fly via Prague
Passenger self-connecting service with attractive rewards and discounts
Full key account support
Team of professionals ready to help with everything related to your operations to/from Prague
In our marketing and business efforts, we are not forgetting our corporate social responsibility and public educative opportunities thereto offered.